The APPI – Portuguese Association for Industrial Heritage, Portuguese Representative of TICCIH – The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage, in joint coordination of its President José M. Lopes Cordeiro and Architect Rui Carvalho and in partnership with the City Council of Mértola, the Serrão Martins Foundation and the Parish Councils of Corte do Pinto and Santana de Cambas, organize the 1st International Conference “Heritage and Mining Cultural Landscape”, at Mina de São Domingos on October 7, 2023.

It is our objective to encourage the opportunity to share knowledge and contributions and to debate ideas around the multidisciplinary theme of the Mining Cultural Landscape, which underlies the territory and historical heritage of the ancient mines of the Iberian Pyrite Belt and of the border space where the Guadiana River was the main route for ore flow.

It is also intended to internationalize the exchange between actors and territories with a similar historical legacy of mining and expand the experience and sources of inspiration and motivation, to better celebrate the specificity and uniqueness of each place and its heritage.

On the other hand, we witness structural obsolescence and insufficient action in terms of study and management for the conservation and valorization of this mining industrial heritage which, although partially classified, is at risk and in an accelerated process of degradation.

It is urgent to call for efforts to build a multidisciplinary collaborative network and to sign a declaration of commitment, to identify and qualify this historical legacy that we designate here as Heritage and Mining Cultural Landscape and which is na important resource for the regeneration of these depressed territories.

At this Conference, we will seek to sow seeds in this direction and collaborate with our Andalusian neighbors, of Andévalo and Cuenca Minera, for continuity work and for the joint realization of the II Conference, next year.

The initiative is cumulatively part of the Research Project under the responsibility of Architect Rui Carvalho, called “The Mining Cultural Landscape in the Chanza-Guadiana Border Territory”, within the scope of the Doctoral Program in Architecture, Heritage and Rehabilitation, of the University of Seville and which develops precisely in this cross-border region of Alentejo and Andalusia, at the confluence of the Chanza and Guadiana rivers, where the abandoned mines of São Domingos and Las Herrerías (19th-20th century) are located.

The Conference welcomes the international participation of coordinators of sites classified by UNESCO as world heritage, in the typology of Historical Industrial Landscape / Mining Cultural Landscape, the national participation of university professors and researchers dedicated to this theme and other actors and representatives of local and regional entities with competences in the areas of heritage preservation, environmental recovery and the development and animation of the depressed areas of abandoned mines in the Iberian Pyrite Belt.



Mário Tomé - Presidente of the Municipal Council of Mértola
José Manuel Santos -  Presidente of the Alentejo Tourism, Regional Entity
José M. Lopes Cordeiro - President of APPI and Portuguese Representative of TICCIH


Ainsley Cocks
- Cornwall and West Devon WHS UNESCO (England)
Christina Staberg - Falun WHS UNESCO (Sweden)
Odd Sletten - Røros WHS UNESCO (Norway)

Aquilino Delgado - Director of the Riotinto Mining Museum (Spain)
José Suárez - Herrerías Association
Edgar Carvalho - EDM. Concessionaire for the environmental recovery of abandoned mines

Paulo Guimarães - Professor and Researcher at the University of Évora
Jorge Ferreira and Maria de Fátima Nunes – Researchers in the Research Group IHC, History of Science, Technology and Environment. University of Évora
Rui Carvalho - Research Project “The Mining Cultural Landscape in the Chanza-Guadiana Border Territory". PhD Candidate, University of Seville

Miguel Maia - Malacate Project, Cepa Torta Company Aquilino Delgado - Director of the Riotinto Mining Museum (Spain)
Marcos Aguiar - Aljustrel Mining Park
Manuel Marques - Serrão Martins Foundation
Ana Paula Amendoeira - Regional Director of Culture, Alentejo